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Lakeshore Mental Asylum – Knoxville, TN

The original building burned in the 1920’s and is in ruins, yet people have reported hearing screams from the patients being mistreated & shackles being thrown around. The eerie song from old music boxes prickles the skin of sensitive listeners brave enough to visit the site of a building that stood long ago, housing the mentally unstable. It was here that many atrocities are said to have taken place, including shocking abuse of patients.

A newer facility exists today, which is the subject of our photos where there is a white semi-transparent form that seemingly floats behind a window. We’re not sure it is anything paranormal, but we are sure it is not a solid piece of furniture, or a person.

There are dozens of tales of sadistic workers beating and abusing patients on into the 1960’s. This would have to involve the present day facility in that case.  Sounds of voices, yells/screams, shadow people, apparitions, dis-embodied voices have all been reported, yet the mystery is ‘do these supernatural occurrences happen in the old ruins or the newer establishment? Or both?

What of the entity that frightens and scares trespassers? Where does this aggressive entity reside? The newer building or the ruined remains of the original structure? The entity tells trespassers to leave, so is it an intelligent haunt?  It is my belief most of the paranormal phenomena occurs in the old structure of the Lakeshore Mental Asylum. Yet we caught that white apparition in the newer facility. If, in fact, it is an apparition? Windows have ways of tricking us.

Concerning Lakeshore, could it be that reality has been fused with fiction? How many of the stories and legends stem from a movie which took some of its history from the asylum for its disturbing content?  The title of the movie is Saint Lucifer’s; the screen writer said the movie was a mix of local legend and fact based on an abandoned mental asylum off of Lyon’s View Drive. That would be Lakeshore Mental Asylum, though it has had many names. It was  once part of the Eastern State and Lakeshore mental health facilities, and horrible stories about the inner workings of the facility have circulated for years, including rumors of satanic activity at the abandoned building in the 1970s, after land around the building had been flooded, cutting it off from the rest of the Lakeshore facility.

On some internet sites it is said that an unstable man living in an old mobile home guards the old site with guns and threats. Who is he? Why does he feel the need to protect the site so furiously? It is private property no matter how you look at it, and permission must be granted to anyone hoping to investigate the premises, but who do you contact? Does anyone know?

Update: We did return late at night to investigate this site again. We have a lot more to share – so watch for it here and on our main website. We will be uploading new content there on the main site first, in the upcoming weeks.